Business Reality

We have to face the truth in today’s economy. It is difficult for many companies to compete locally. We are trying to sell to a market that has literally bought everything already. In order to progress, we need to be selling on a global scale; this is what multi-national corporations achieve daily with ease; and if they can do it, why not you?

There are some difficulties with tendering for international trade and markets, especially during the present economic climate. It can be difficult to trade with overseas markets because:

  • Long-term projects are hard to locate as these are generally worth the most money
  • Buyers expect a lot from suppliers
  • Language can be a barrier to forging solid business relationships
  • Business offers become more competitive year on year
  • It is not easy to build successful business relationships from countries located across the globe as it is harder to build trust over long distances, and
  • Some companies regularly miss out on trade due to them not having the right positive image.

Fortunately, a lot of overseas companies are ensuring that their staff members are able to speak various languages so that this is no longer a barrier to forging international relationships.