Our Values

We strive to be an industry leader, with our GSE Authorization logo seen as the pioneer of global enterprise; an internationally recognized standard for honesty, integrity and reliability. Our reputation is the key to our success, and we recognize the necessity to uphold this internationally.

In order to achieve ongoing success we aim to ensure that:

  • We deal with all our clients and partners tactfully and respectfully.
  • Only those companies who are able to deliver to global standards pass our audit check.
  • When a company does not pass our audit checks, we give them positive feedback and offer honest advice on where services can be improved, which may help them should they decide to reapply for GSE Authorization.
  • We will continue to build our reputation year on year and ensure that our high standards are maintained.

We know that GSE Authorization can help your business to succeed in overseas markets because we have seen it in action with other companies who have gone through our audit process.

Our operation is built on facilitating trade and negotiations between people across the world. In order to do this effectively we have to maintain the trust placed in us by overseas markets. Those companies who have joined us are now reaping the benefits of those extra orders and joint ventures; and we know that you will want to know how our services can help your company weather the current economic climate.

Not everyone secures validation on their first try; some won’t achieve it on their second attempt either. This does not mean that your company is not able to meet our stringent standards; it just means that we believe you are not quite ready to provide a world-class service and you should stick to home markets for the time being. However, we will discuss with you any points where you can improve and make suggestions to hone your company’s performance.

Not everyone passes validation, but GSE Authorization is not for everyone. If it were to be handed out without our strict audit process, then it would be worthless; and we stand firmly behind those companies who have shown that they have the ability to succeed on a global scale.